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Personal Injury Cases

We offer treatment options at every level for all types of legal cases, including personal injury, workers compensation, and motor vehicle accidents.

Medical Legal Injury Medicine

Medical legal medicine is the branch of orthopedic, neurosurgery, and pain medicine that deals with the application of medical knowledge legal problems and injury  issues. It involves the use of medical expertise and techniques in the investigation and resolution of legal cases, particularly those involving injury, motor vehicle, slip and fall, or pedestrian accidents.

Medical legal medicine is a multidisciplinary field that brings together professionals from various disciplines, including medicine, law, and science. Medical legal professionals work to provide objective and impartial medical opinions and evidence to the legal system in order to help resolve injuries legal disputes and issues.

Some of the areas that medical legal medicine covers include determining the cause and manner of disabilities, evaluating injuries and their causation, assessing medical malpractice claims, providing expert testimony in court, and preforming independent medical examination and peer review.

Overall, medical legal medicine plays a critical role in ensuring that the legal system is able to make informed decisions based on sound medical evidence and expertise, and in promoting justice and fairness for all.

At NASPI, our trained specialists would provide detailed medical legal injury evaluation and opinions.

Our Services Includes:

Independent Medical Examination

An independent medical examination (IME) is a medical evaluation performed by a doctor or other healthcare professional who has not previously treated the patient. The purpose of an IME is to provide an objective and impartial evaluation of a person’s medical condition, often in the context of a legal or insurance claim.

IMEs are typically requested by insurance companies, employers, or attorneys in cases where there is a dispute over a person’s medical condition, such as a workplace injury, disability claim, or personal injury lawsuit. The doctor performing the IME is expected to provide an unbiased assessment of the person’s medical condition, including the nature and extent of any injuries or illnesses, the potential for recovery or rehabilitation, and any limitations or restrictions that may result from the condition.

During an IME, the doctor will typically review the person’s medical history, perform a physical examination, and may order additional tests or diagnostic procedures as needed. The doctor will then provide a written report detailing their findings, which may be used as evidence in legal proceedings or to support insurance claims.

It is important to note that an IME is not a substitute for ongoing medical treatment, and the doctor performing the IME is not responsible for providing ongoing care or treatment. Rather, the purpose of an IME is to provide an independent assessment of a person’s medical condition for legal or insurance purposes.

Medical Legal Narrative Report 

A medical narrative report is a type of written document that provides a detailed description of a patient’s medical history, examination, diagnosis, treatment plan, and other relevant information related to their health condition. It is typically written by a healthcare provider, such as a physician, nurse, or other medical professional, and is used to document the patient’s medical record.

The medical narrative report may include a description of the patient’s symptoms, medical history, physical examination findings, laboratory and diagnostic test results, and treatment plan. It may also include information about the patient’s response to treatment and any follow-up care that is needed.

Medical narrative reports are important for several reasons. They provide a complete and accurate record of the patient’s medical history and treatment, which can help to ensure continuity of care and facilitate communication between healthcare providers. They can also be used to track the patient’s progress over time, and to identify any patterns or trends in their health condition.

In addition, medical narrative reports may be used for legal or insurance purposes. For example, in a personal injury case, a medical narrative report may be used to document the extent of the patient’s injuries and to establish the amount of damages that should be awarded. In an insurance claim, a medical narrative report may be used to provide evidence of the patient’s medical expenses and treatment.

Overall, medical narrative reports play an important role in the healthcare system by documenting the patient’s medical history and treatment, facilitating communication between healthcare providers, and providing important information for legal and insurance purposes.

Medical Expert Testimony

A medical expert in an injury court is a qualified healthcare professional who is called upon to provide expert testimony related to a specific injury or medical condition. The medical expert may be a physician, surgeon, nurse, physical therapist, or other healthcare professional with specialized knowledge and experience in the area of injury or medical condition being considered by the court.

The medical expert may be asked to provide an opinion on a range of issues, including the cause and extent of the injury, the medical treatment that was provided, and the prognosis for the patient’s recovery. The medical expert may also be asked to provide testimony regarding the impact of the injury on the patient’s quality of life, ability to work, and overall well-being.

In order to provide expert testimony in an injury court, the medical expert must have a solid understanding of the legal system and the relevant laws and regulations governing the case. They must also be able to communicate complex medical information in a way that is understandable to the judge, jury, and other legal professionals involved in the case.

In many injury cases, the medical expert plays a critical role in helping to establish the cause and extent of the injury, and in determining the appropriate level of compensation for the injured party. The medical expert’s testimony may be used to support the plaintiff’s case for damages, or to defend against allegations of negligence or malpractice on the part of the defendant.

Overall, the medical expert in an injury court serves as a crucial link between the healthcare system and the legal system, providing valuable expertise and insight that can help to ensure fair and just outcomes for all parties involved.

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Legal Medical Services

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  • Medical Legal Narrative Reports
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