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    IME (Independent Medical Examination)

    At North American Spine and Pain Institute, we are proud of our reputation as Independent Medical Examiners.

    Daniel M. Dorri,

    Pain Management & Interventional Spine Physician

    In many cases of personal injury or workers compensation, an attorney will seek the expert opinion of a physician to validate the injuries. Attorneys will do this by obtaining an IME, or Independent Medical Examination. With this examination, a licensed, qualified physician provides their expert, objective medical opinion, addressing both medical and legal issues associated with the claim.

    The North American Spine and Pain Institute’s network of physicians provide Independent Medical Examinations. As independent medical examiners, we act as a third party with no ties to either the employee, or the employer. Our physicians have a broad range of credentials, including board certifications in their respective specialties. When faced with a discrepancy or dispute during a case, our physicians are called upon as unbiased experts to exam a patient’s injuries or condition, provide expert legal testimony, and offer impairment ratings for those who are no longer able to work due to injury.